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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A New Stitched Inch AND A New Blog AND a Lazy Days Skirt AND a Project Preview!

I'm falling behind on my embroidery for the stitchalong. I just got a bit stumped on what to do for some the remaining letters of the alphabet! So last night I skipped to the last square and did this:

Today I have some ideas for my remaining letters and hope to get back on track!

Recently I posted THIS tutorial as my entry into the $5 dollar store craft challenge. It's a knockoff of a pretty ribbon wreath I saw in a boutique.

Just last week I came across another tutorial over at Embellished Bayou who made a similiar knockoff wreath. She used some different supplies, like staples instead of hot glue. I think I like the colors of hers MUCH better.

Great minds think alike!

And of course, now I am LOVING her blog. Those fleur de lis shirts she appliqued are awesome. She's also made ruffle butt onesies, some gorgeous Easter decorations, adorable welcome signs, and just some overall interesting posts.

Gosh, all these awesome new blogs I keep discovering. There are some crazy talented chicas out there in blogland. I need to step up my game! In an effort to be original, I purchased a large men's Tshirt at Old Navy this past weekend on clearance for less than $2, with the plan to turn it into something for Delilah.
Here's the shirt. Stay tuned for the "after picture" outcome which I hope to post on Friday. (fingers crossed)

And, just one more thing, here is another Lazy Days skirt I made for Delilah. These skirts are ridiculously easy to sew up and I love them. One of these days I'll get her to model the Popover Dress, also a free pattern from Oliver and S that was so easy to follow.

Off to have a cup of tea now. Ta Ta!


  1. Hi there, thankyou for your lovely comment :0) Your stitching is coming along lovely, have you thought of anything for N yet? Would nails, either finger or of the finger variety work? I have been thinking about N words all day, LOL. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. I like your signature square. It is a nice keepsake for your daughter. I also stitched my signature square already.


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