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Monday, August 12, 2013

Another Summer Dress For Meeeeeeeeeeee!

One hour dress?

Well, the McCalls 6102 pattern I blogged about in my last post, says it sews in an hour.  (Not counting cutting time).  So, for the 2nd time around, I cut the pattern, ironed on the facing, and checked the time.  Kids and husband were sleeping.  I *think* this actually did sew up in an hour!

But while sewing I got a text from a dear friend and we chatted a bit, so my timing was a bit off. 

So it was more than an hour if you stop to chat!

Anyway, check me out!


 The fabric is a Marc Jacobs cotton print I picked up at Mood in NYC.  Actually I bought the print in grey, brought it home, realized how much I loved it, then called Mood to buy the other colors!  This kind of taupe and pink print was not one that caught me eye as much in the store.   But I think it works for this dress.  It's nice and light and loose and comfy and cool for the hot Georgia sun. 

This time I didn't make a belt and will just wear as is.  It's a little boxy, so not the most figure flattering as is, but it sure is comfy. Comfy wins.

I also have this print in blue and purple!  I think it's rather retro! 

And just because, here's a little collage of my peeps.  I am a lucky lady.

Take care,

Friday, August 9, 2013

Janimal Dress

Lately I have actually taken some time to sew for myself. 
Whoot Whoot!

I need to snap a picture of the Traveler Dress I made.  I've actually worn it a few times but failed to get a photo. 

But I do have a picture of my latest selfish creation.  The pattern is McCalls 6102.   This is a simple pullover dress with or without cap sleeves and is slightly A lined.  This sewed up fast and I am so pleased that the dart was A-OK for my bodacious cups.  Yay!

Hello Pasty legs!!

Now, that fabric.  It's some kind of faux animal textured print that I hardly remember buying.  I sort of recall that it was inexpensive and I thought might be cool to make bags.  And I bought up 6 yards of it!  Gosh, it must have been cheap.  I tried to get a pic to show the texture of the fabric.

I like it!  It's very "Janimal" to me!

The best thing about this fabric is that it doesn't ravel.  So I got to skip some seam finishing steps.  I also had planned on making the version with sleeves, but once I tried it on, I thought it would be cooler without them.  Here's a more close up on the dress.  I like that it fits me well at the chest, and is nice and loose and swingy.  Hey - no Spanx required.

The belt was not part of the pattern.  I just thought it looked a bit better with it.  None of the belts in my closet looked quite right so I quickly sewed this up to finish it off.

If I don't count the belt, this dress does only take about an hour of sewing time!  (That's after cutting and interfacing)  Perfect for me.  I'm going to cut a few and keep them in my sewing room for when I have little time (always) but want the satisfaction of finishing something (I love that).

I made another in a cotton print.  Now the search for the right belt!  I think a thick leather belt would work with this dress, I just need the right one.  Hopefully I'll get it together and have a pic to post soon.

Take care,