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Thursday, March 29, 2012

McCalls m4815

Over a year ago, I bought a McCall's pattern to make Delilah a dress. M4815.

It was a simple dress with a cute little tie at the neck for detail.

I decided to use a checkered bias tape for the sleeves, and after sewing one on, didn't like it. So it has sat in my sewing room, unfinished for over a year!

I finally got around to finishing it before Delilah got too big for it. But used a solid bias tape at the neckline.

To me, it looks a bit home-made with the bias tape I used, rather than hand-made. Know what I mean? Friends who know I sew, look at Delilah's outfits, and ask if I made them, and they mean it as a compliment. With this dress, it looks obviously home-made, which isn't as much a compliment.

But when worn by my sweet girl, I like it much better! She makes this dress look gooood!

I sure do love my model.

Later skaters,

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sleepover Pajama Pants - Hooo Hooo!

Finally getting around to showing these pajama pants I made for Delilah.

They are the Sleepover Pajamas from Oliver & S. The top is cut and I started to sew it but haven't finished. Hopefully I'll get the top done before she's too big to wear these jammies!
What is brilliant about these pj pants is the hem. It's made to be folded up and tacked, and then the tacks can be let down later as the child grows. The finish of the bottom of the pants is lovely.

What really makes me happy about these PJs is that my sweet husband bought the fabric as a Hannukah gift. Cute, right? He went to Whipstitch Fabrics, because he knows whatever he buys there I'm gonna like. Seriously I love everything in that place. This is Urban Zoologie from Kaufman Fabrics. Love. I've got to get that top sewn!

Now to find the time to make that top...


Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy St Patricks Day!

Sweet Delilah doesn't like getting her picture taken too often these days.
But my little man is just 4 months old and doesn't mind! So...
Happy St Patricks Day!
Wishing everyone a fun green weekend!

Monday, March 12, 2012

March Madness BasketBall Taggy

Hello! Long time no blog! Life is just crazy with two wonderful kids and a fulltime job. Although there is less time for creative pursuits, I don't want to abandon blogging altogether.

I'd like to share a little toy I made for Shane. At 4 months old, it is a big hit with him! It's the right size for him to hold and chew!

In honor of March Madness....

This was made using an embroidery machine download from The Purple Hat HERE.
Loopyloo toys.

It stitched out so well - I must make more!
I added his name to the back. I've had it in his carseat at daycare dropoff and have had several requests to make them for other babies. Ahh, if only I had the time. My list of projects I want to sew for my OWN children is LONG.

I hope to be back soon and share other projects.

Be well!