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Thursday, March 29, 2012

McCalls m4815

Over a year ago, I bought a McCall's pattern to make Delilah a dress. M4815.

It was a simple dress with a cute little tie at the neck for detail.

I decided to use a checkered bias tape for the sleeves, and after sewing one on, didn't like it. So it has sat in my sewing room, unfinished for over a year!

I finally got around to finishing it before Delilah got too big for it. But used a solid bias tape at the neckline.

To me, it looks a bit home-made with the bias tape I used, rather than hand-made. Know what I mean? Friends who know I sew, look at Delilah's outfits, and ask if I made them, and they mean it as a compliment. With this dress, it looks obviously home-made, which isn't as much a compliment.

But when worn by my sweet girl, I like it much better! She makes this dress look gooood!

I sure do love my model.

Later skaters,

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