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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Felt Food Breakfast Tutorial

Good morning! It's time for a felt breakfast!

My darling husband put together Delilah's new play kitchen over the holiday weekend. To go with it, I made a few pieces of felt food to play with. I decided to sew up the most important meal of the day....breakfast!

Eggs and Sausage!

Delilah had some fun playing with them.

As she fried up the eggs, she examined the sausages. Celebrities who read my blog take note, the sausages can provide good cover against getting your picture taken!

And in this next picture, the sausages have disappeared.

That's because they are on the floor. Delilah picked them up, said "Doody" and threw them on the floor. She has a point, they do look a little like turds. But then again, don't real sausages look sort of turdlike?

(You had to figure a blog prominently featuring a toddler would have some talk of turds eventually. I'll try to keep that to a minimum.)

I took a few pictures as I sewed these up to show you how they were made.

Start off with a piece of white felt, and a yellow felt circle. Note that the white felt is not cut into an egg shape yet. We'll do that later. Later we'll need another piece of white felt about the same size. (I use wool felt rather than craft acrylic felt. It's softer, easier to sew with, and lasts longer.)

Start to sew the yolk piece onto the white felt piece. After a few stitches, turn the yolk piece into itself a bit so the yolk sticks up a bit from the felt, rather than just sewn down flat. This is hard to describe, so I hope these pictures help. The picture on the left is the yolk flat on the white, with the needle flat next to it. The picture on the right - the needle has not moved. But do you see that the yellow yolk has been moved slightly inward and there is more space between the needle and yolk? Gradually pulling the yolk in like that every few stitches will give the yolk some poufiness so we can stuff it in a bit.

After sewing the yolk about three quarters around, it's time to stuff it with some polyfil.
Stitch the yolk closed, and lay the finished piece on top of another piece of white felt. It's now time to cut our egg shape through both layers of felt.
Put some pins in the felt before cutting, to hold the two pieces of felt together. I just randomly cut around. Fried eggs have lots of weird shapes!

Then sew the two pieces of felt together using a small whipstitch. (There are lots of tutorials on sewing a whipstitch, I like this one.)

I don't know about you, but for me, one egg just isn't enough.

Now for the doody, er, I mean sausage.
First, I cut out a piece of brown felt in this shape.
Basically two long ovals the same size. Mine are about an inch and a quarter wide and just under 4 inches long. Fold them over and use the whipstitch again to start closing them up.

About halfway around the sausage, I stuff one end. Keep sewing, and stuff a bit more as a go before closing it all the way up.

All that's left is to cook them!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial. Thanks for stopping by and happy sewing!
- Janimal

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  1. That's so cute! Very funny too... :-) Thanks for this tutorial! I think I might try this soon. I found you from Someday Crafts.

  2. That is so cute! I made a business card holder from your tutorial and posted a comment on that tutorial. Thank you for the fun ideas!

  3. My kids would have loved playing with all the felt food you see today. I don't know anyone who made it back then!

  4. Oh this was just too cute! Little felt eggs and sausages to go with her little oven. Great pictures you'll be enjoying for years to come. And thanks for the tutorial, this might make and interesting and inexpensive gift one day! Have a great weekend!


  5. I'm in love with your felt breakfast, but keep it on the down low because I'm a vegetarian.

  6. Those are fantastic! The eggs look so real! Love felt food!!!! I'm a vegetarian, so can I pretend the little links are of the soy variety? ;) We have soy links all the time around here, so they would fit right in too!!!

  7. OMG! Super cute!! I'm going to have to remember this for my little girl. I have a feeling she'll be getting a kitchen from Santa this year. ;)

  8. You are so funny! This is a brilliant idea of eggs and sausage (that can hide a celebrity). Lol. I would definitely make this if I had children to play with them. I love it!


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