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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bowling Dress, Popover Tutorial Update, and a Question.

I think I am addicted to the Popover Dress pattern. I just made another one. Here is the "Bowling Dress".

The retro bowling fabric purchased from Whipstitch on their Etsy shop. I used premade bias tape also purchased from this Etsy seller. Free pattern for the dress is here. My tutorial with pictures following the pattern is here.
I HAVE AN UPDATE to the TUTORIAL! -- The cutting instructions have you fold the fabric selvedge to selvedge, and the main pattern piece on that center fold. BUT - for the smaller sizes, you don't have to waste so much fabric. As it is, you need a yard of fabric, but really, you can just use a half. Instead of placing the pattern along the center fold, fold the fabric again. So instead of it being folded in half, it's now folded into quarters. Place the fabric along the QUARTER folds. So when you cut, the two main fabric pieces are side by side.

I got this fabric in the mail (superfast! I ordered Saturday and received it Monday!) and had to make Delilah a little outfit from it immediately. You see, her Daddy is quite the bowler, and I figured he would get a kick out of this little dress. I do actually own some other patterns now. But I needed some quick satisfaction with this dress. I wanted to get it done, so I could show my dear husband, and dress up my dear child. I know this pattern so well now I think if I were stranded on a desert island with some fabric and a needle & thread, I would occupy my time making Popover Dresses!

There is one other Popover Dress in the works in my sewing room. Then I think I will have to stop making them for a while. To be honest, Delilah spends most of her time in playclothes these days. She's an active toddler and we dress her to move and shake and have fun. She's at an age where she is experimenting with coloring and paints, gets a little dirty in the playground, and she needs freedom to be herself - an awesome constantly moving toddler!

There will be more Popover dresses in the future. The pattern has bigger sizes so it will be in my repertoire for a while! As Delilah grows I suppose I will be using more "sophisticated" prints. But for now, these whimsical prints are just so much fun!

So - now - a question.

I purchased from Embroidery Library a little set of classic cars embroidery patterns for my embroidery machine. I stitched them out on to squares of muslin so I could see how they turned out.

And I love them.

But now what to do with them? I thought about sewing these into little cocktail napkins as a gift for my brother. Perhaps stitching one in hot pink on a shirt for Delilah.

I sure do love machine embroidery, but I have a hard time knowing WHAT I should be stitching on and WHERE to place the designs I stitch.

I would love suggestions!

Later skater,


PonyTails and FishScales

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  1. Oh my goodness- LOVE your car embroidery!

  2. I just recently did a similar car on a sunglass case for "driving glasses". I've also put classic cars on napkins and handtowels for fathers day gifts. I like to get good cotton towels and put it on those for "shop/garage" towels. Sure, if they actually USED them, they'd be ruined, but they are CUTE! :)

    And I could see that in the front center panel of your popover dress for Delilah. Maybe with a fun fifties print fabric? Or even some neat checks or stripes? And then you could make a coordinating bag! :)

    And it could be awesome on napkins, placemats, and travel food items for picnics. We do a lot of vintage car shows, so it would be so awesome to have a picnic set for that! :)

  3. I know zilch about embroidery machines, so I can't help you out with your stitching, but I love that simple little dress. The trick I'm seeing is getting the right fabric so I'm glad you gave us all the heads up on the esty store where you purchased it from. I love it.


  4. hi Janimal

    I just recieved your request on my blog www.kazztastic.blogspot.com

    the answer is yes of course I can do that please email me with contact details on kazzakk@hotmail.com

    PS your work is beautiful too I love the yellow dress on your last post

  5. They would make great softies!!! Prudent Baby just did an 'easiest softies ever' post and these would be perfect for that. Who needs Matchbox cars when you have handmade vintage embroidered car softies :)

  6. I think stitching one in hot pink would look so cute on a t shirt dress. If you decide to make napkins out of them you could also make matching coasters.

    Love the bowling dress, Delilah is going to look so cute in it!

  7. Very nice! Thanks for sharing. Happy Sewing! :o)

  8. Very cute! Love the theme going on! Thanks for linking up to this week's It's Party Time Thursday @PonyTails&FishScales!

  9. I really love this pattern and the fabric is so cute and retro! My giveaway this week will be fabric, so you could link up tonight and try to win!


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