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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Exec Producer Dog, Toy Story Pillow & Other Stuff!

I'm so happy today! USA & England both advance in the World Cup!
Here are some pictures of other things making me happy today!

First up, our doggy got a new kerchief. Sometimes he goes to work with my husband when he's in a "dog-friendly" editing studio. We figured if he's going to work in broadcasting, he needs a title. So here he is:

(He doesn't like getting his photo taken.) The kerchief is a corner of a sack cloth towel. One cut and a quick run through the machine and Ta-Dah!

This weekend we had dinner with some dear friends. Before dinner, they took their two (awesome) sons to see Toy Story 3. Since I so seldom get to make stuff for boys, during Delilah's Sunday naptime I decided to ignore the dustbunnies I should have been tending to and rushed to my sewing room. Here is Woody stitched out on a badly stuffed pillow.

Each boy got a pillow (both with Woody, I almost did a Buzz Lightyear but didn't want to cause a stir with two different pillows) and on the back I included their name. Here they are, right before we rushed out of the house. Notice they haven't been sewed shut.

I took a needle and thread and stitched them closed in the car on the ride over. Which I don't recommend. Ouch! The boys seemed to like them. Which I liked.

Anyway, I just love having an embroidery machine. I recently received a bunch of hand-me-down shirts for Delilah and decided they would be perfect for embellishment with my machine. It's not as scary that I might mess up my project when the supplies are free!

First up - a classic Minnie Mouse on a pink top.

I do NOT like that there is a pacifier in this photo. They're still around for bedtime only. But if you can ignore the pacifier, check out those pants. I made those too. And the bear. The bear was cut from a sheet, stitched by hand, and stuffed with cotton balls when I was bored over Thanksgiving weekend at my in-laws and foraged the house for supplies. He's a bit funny looking but Delilah loves him, which makes my heart happy.

Now in this picture, we have another hand-me-down shirt with a balloon embroidery on it. (design from http://www.urbanthreads.com/) Notice my excellent mothering skills that my toddler is wielding her toothbrush.

And now scrap all that good mothering nonsense when you see this next photo.

Yep, she's in the dog's crate.

Time has been limited so no new tutorials these days. I have some in mind, so please don't give up on me. Thanks for stopping by!

Later skater,

PonyTails and FishScales


  1. I have daughters that would LOVE those toy story pillows... ( I don't have the machine for that...) :( Great job!!!

  2. Love the pillows and my daughter would love that Minnie Mouse top. What type of embroidery machine do you have? I have a Singer Futura.

  3. Rachel, I have a Brother Innovus 900d. It came loaded with a bunch of Disney designs.

  4. Very cute and the kiddoes also! Thanks for linking up @PonyTails&FishScales!


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