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Monday, March 1, 2010

Hairclip Frame and a sortof tutorial

I'm back! Remember that pretty birdy fabric I showed you?

I made something with it! A hair bow holder for my sweet little girl. No sewing!
I put it together using a frame from IKEA that I already had, a piece of batting, some ribbon I picked up at Michaels, the pretty birdy fabric and some tape. Yep, tape. No sewing or stapling on this one.

A few pics:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here is how I did it.

I took out the wood backing from the frame, and using that as my guide, cut a piece of batting that was about an inch larger on all sides.
Then I got out my trusty roll of packing tape (I was nervous about it holding. But it was great! I taped batting to the frame, pulling it a bit tight.
I then repeated the process with the birdy fabric and more tape. I've seen other tutorials with this done with staples, which sounds sturdier. But the tape seems to be holding and it was easy peasy.

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I then cut three pieces of ribbon about an inch and half longer than the frame, and taped them the same way. I put the fabric covered wood in the frame, then put the glass in behind it. And then I broke the glass. :-(

Good thing it was glass and not a mirror, I don't need any bad luck.

So, the glass was ditched. I put the mat to the frame in the back, and secured it with the little hanger doohickeys (what do they call them?) that hold the frame in place.

Ta Dah!

Too bad you really can't see the birds very well behind the hairclips!

I used a RIBBA frame from IKEA, and it's not very big, so I think I will make another to hang with it as a little set.

And now I must make some pretty hairclips!

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