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Thursday, March 25, 2010



Let's go ORANGE!!
I picked Syracuse to win the NCAA championship. Not because I know anything about basketball, but because DH is a HUGE fan.

I actually know precious little about NCAA basketball, but the two teams I picked for the finals (Syracuse over Kentucky) are still in the tournament. Yay for dumb luck! (Syracuse plays tonight. Have to get this post up now in case tonight goes badly. Yikes!)

In honor of my husband's favorite basketball team, we purchased this men's large shirt on clearance from Old Navy. How could we resist, I mean, it was less than $2!!! Seriously!

Mens clearance shirt: $2

Fabric paints: $2.49

Seeing your kid get all giddy running around cheering for ORANGE! Priceless.

I traced around a dress we had in the closet, keeping the original neckline. I cut the length, and then cut the bottom pieces into 2' long strips.

I had never made ruffles before. This was big! Following directions I have read on so many other blogs, I set my tension on my machine to the highest it would go, with a long basting stitch. It was awesome! As I sewed through the middle of the strips, the fabric came off the machine perfectly ruffled! I pinned it on, sewed through the middle (after I adjusted the tension and stitch back to normal) and Ta Dah! Some freezer paper stencil magic (my husband is whiz with that exacto knife!) and a Syracuse jersey/dress was ready to wear!

(Don't you take pictures of garments hanging from your microwave door? No? Oh...)

I think my ruffle should have been narrower, it's a bit heavy.

But not heavy enough to slow this kid down!

Ah, the secret to getting a toddler to be still for a few seconds to take a picture. Give her a cracker.

Our last name appears on the back of the shirt, but I covered it here, because, well, you don't need to know!

Later skaters!


  1. That is Adorable! She is too!!! =]

    great idea.

  2. Too cute! I'm going to try that!

  3. Hye ! Thanks for your popover sundress ! Happy to have a foreigner !!! see ya !Christine

  4. oh how CUTE!! what a great idea for such a little cutie!♥

    Thanks for linking up to I'm Lovin' It! Hope to see you again this week!


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