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Monday, March 29, 2010

Popover Dress by Oliver and S

Thanks to the wonderful company Oliver and S for sharing the wonderful Popover Dress pattern on their blog!

Their other free pattern, the Lazy Days Skirt, is super easy. If you can sew a straight line, you can make that skirt. The dress is a little more challenging (ok, challenging to me means I had to use pins. I don't like pins.) But really this dress is simple and the instructions so well written and clear. No buttons, no zippers, nothing too complicated.

Here is my first attempt. I really wanted to get a picture with my little model wearing it, but I am too impatient to wait!

This black/white / linen one is my favorite. That's Alice in Wonderland themed fabric. Yum! It has french words but the fabric is by Kokka of Japan. Kokka has SUCH amazing fabrics. I also made a matching hairbow. Pics of that and tutorial to follow!

And this last one, I think the fabric is by Robert Kaufman. D LOVES animals, so this is special to me. I think I should have used a solid for the yoke and straps though.

So there you have it. Oliver and S has two great free patterns to follow. They were easy and I love how they turned out thanks to such great instructions. These free patterns have inspired me to try their other patterns, so stand by for more one of these days.
Incidentally, I find it kind of a bummer that the free garment patterns they offer are only for girls. These patterns gave me confidence and have encouraged me so much to try their other patterns, seems like they are missing part of their market if they are only appealing to those sewing for little girls? Boys need some special garments too!



  1. I will have to remind myself to come back and look at this tomorrow. Either I'm having problems viewing blogs today or blogger is having issues. I can't view images. I can't wait to see it :)

  2. They have plenty of patterns you can buy for boys. They even have a new one coming out soon.

  3. Okay. So I've printed the patterns and cut the fabric and now I'm a little intimidated. This would be the third dress I made for my daughter! I'm a total beginner and I haven't worked from a pattern before. I'm a little stuck with the yoke. Not sure where to sew exactly. Your pictures have helped. Thanks!

  4. Julie -- I posted on your blog -- I took pictures while I followed the pattern to hopefully post a tutorial following it that maybe would help. I was confused about putting the pieces together at first also. I can't wait to see yours!

  5. I especially like the kokka prints! You did a wonderful job. O+S does a wonderful job with their instructions.

  6. Hi again! Thanks! I can't wait to see the tutorial! I am having trouble emailing you but if you have the time to send me some photos I would be forever grateful! Or i'll just follow you and wait for the tutorial!:)

  7. These are super cute. I have a McLinky party called Tot Tuesdays. I hope you’ll stop by & link up:

  8. Thanks for linking up on Tot Tuesdays last week. I hope you’ll join me this week for another party. Happy Easter!


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