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Monday, March 15, 2010

New fabrics - new ideas

I went to a Sewing Expo on Friday. Just want to share some of the delicious fabrics I picked up there. My plan lately has been to find fabrics for Delilah that aren't pink, but still girly. I like pink, but with a little girl, it's EVERYWHERE!

First, these chickens were hiding in the http://www.someartfabric.com/ booth. They wanted to come home with me.

The chickens lead me to these Kokka fabrics from Japan. They had to come home with me too. They were practically begging. Can you see, on the right, that's Alice in Wonderland baby!!! Swoon.

Later, the clearance booth from the same someartfabric people sucked me in but look at the two bargain yards of fabric I got there! A gorgeous lilac hawaiian style print. The picture doesn't do the beautiful colors justice.

And some cute doggies. My munchkin loves dogs, so I had to pick this up. Bow wow.

Last, but not least, I forget the name of the vendor, but here is my bargain of the day. I fished this out of the clearance bin with a big smile on my face. The woman working for the vendor IMMEDIATELY says, "That's not supposed to be in there, that's not clearance." I must have looked pretty forlorn because she took another look, saw the roll of fabric was quite thin and said, "Oh, you can have it then, there's not much left." Wheeee! Turns out there was just over 2 yards left and I got them both for $4! Was supposed to be $13 a yard. SCORE!

Now what to do with them? I think since I love the lazy days skirt pattern so much by Oliver and S, I will try the Popover Dress by them too. Fingers crossed~

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. We had a great time at the expo and I am glad to see you have big plans for the fabric you got form us!!


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