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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Three Squares for Stitchalong

I found the cord! That means it's time to reveal my little squares for the stitch-along. Unfortunately, my point and shoot camera is not great with close-ups. So I think the pictures don't reveal some of the prettiness of the small handstitches. But it may also disguise some of my wonky stitches so I guess that's a wash! (Check out the stitchingalong blog progress HERE)

I wish I had planned better and the B would have had a bird. I sewed the C first, and had intended on filling it in, but then like the way it looked as an outline so left it as is. I may go back and embellish that a bit later. I'm also thinking of adding a button to the B square.

I decided on the theme "alphabet" for a few reasons. First, I think when this is finished I will use the embroidered piece for some kind of decoration for Delilah (pillow? framed?). And the alphabet seemed like a good choice for toddler decor. Second, some of the pressure is off to think of a different subject every day. 26 blocks already decided! I plan on embroidering a total of 30, so 4 squares will be "random". Which brings me to the third reason, if I commit to 30 squares, and the project lasts 39 days, then if I miss a day here and there I will still finish on time!

It appears that most participants are doing a square for every year of their age. I'm doing 30. Let's just say that I would have to do more than 30 if I were using my age, and leave it at that!

From the time I saw the post about the project, to being home and starting, there was no time to shop. So I rummaged around for fabric to use. Other ladies appear to be using very organic/vintage looking pretty stuff. My options using plain fabric were limited. My stash is full of patterns! So I ended up using a plain white cotton craft fabric. My concern is how the tails and knots will show through from the other side. But I'll worry about that later.

And now I have done a few squares, I realize my simple theme provides me with a new challenge. How do I make each square unique, pretty, interesting? I think I have to learn some new stitches! I am happy to take suggestions!


  1. I love it! I bet you could find a little bee bead to add for the letter "B" but I guess at some point it will be extra hard to illustrate every letter. I can't wait to see more! This is a challenge within a challenge!


  2. Just stopped in to answer your question, the flowers are a french knot wrapped 3 times.

  3. Thanks ladies. I'll keep my eye out for a bee bead. And now to practice french knots....


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