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Monday, March 22, 2010

Frog time!

I took pictures this weekend of new things to show you, but I haven't downloaded them yet. Sorry! But I do have some pics available to show you something!
We have the Budweiser frogs in our backyard. Seriously, we'll sit in our living room some nights and hear them - so loud. So a few months back, I went on a little froggy sewing kick.
I followed a pattern I found online to make these two froggies for Delilah. And am now confounded because I can't find the pattern again. At the time I made these, I wasn't blogging, and had no idea I would need to give credit to someone. Anyway, tonight I will go searching through all my downloaded patterns and see if I can find where I got this from, and I will edit this post.

Then I searched for another froggy pattern, and of course the Purl Bee was there for me with this little pattern here. (I didn't have any beans at the time to make him slouchy like the ones on the Purl Bee site, so he's filled with Polyfil. Still pretty cute but I think beans woulda been better.)
There ya go. Frogs at our house.
EDIT: I FOUND IT! Frog pattern here!

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