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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Red Flair Washer Necklace

A short time ago I was invited to a function where we all wore red "flair". Yep, flair. I was asked to wear red flair that showed my personality. Huh?!
I had a heck of time figuring out what flair to wear.
I have a rocking pair of patent red maryjane heels, and own a few red garments, but flair? I was light on flair.
Flair. I kind of like saying it now.

Anyway, in my search for flair, I decided to try my hand at making something. I searched the web and came up with a few neat tutorials for making necklaces with washers and ribbon. You can check out some tutorials here and here and here.

So, here it is, the flair I did wear. I should've taken a pic wearing it but alas...

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I think it looks better in person and on an actual neck than laying on my shaggy rug.
Different colored washers and ribbon could be a whole other look. It was a fun, quick, satisfying project. With a bonus that my flair was unique. (Good thing, I had considered wearing a red scarf from Target and another chick showed up flaired out with the very same Target scarf!)

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