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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Teasing my kid and Happy Valentines Day

I am making a collection of felt food for Delilah to play with. I figure by the time I slowly make a nice collection, she'll be old enough to enjoy it. Last night I made her this:

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(In case you can't tell, that's a banana made of wool felt.)

I had ordered the pattern from wwwlillybeanmarket.com to get me started on making felt food. It's remarkably easy and moving forward, I think I'll be able to wing it and not have to buy more patterns. (Famous last words!) But I will say having the shapes already worked out for me, and the handy videos gave me some confidence as a beginner felt food maker. The site has lots of neat patterns and sells quality wool felt. If you have any interest in felt food, check em out. They sell the food already put together for reasonable prices -- which is reeeeeally tempting me.

So - this morning I gave the banana to Delilah. She got pretty mad. She hit the fake banana and wailed. Turns out she was pretty disappointed it wasn't a REAL banana after I gave it to her. Good thing we had bananas in the house or it could have been a tough morning. The girl likes her bananas!

One more thing to show you. Our last minute Valentines from Delilah. I took a picture of Delilah (not my favorite picture but it features her HAND the right way and that's what I needed), and I uploaded it to Picnik (if you don't know Picnik - trust me it is AWESOME - I don't have the first clue how to photoshop and this is such a user friendly photo editing tool even I can use it.) I added some text and a picture of a bear, and sent it off to CVS for prints.

After picking up the prints, I made a two slits with a sharp blade by her hands, and slipped in a DumDum lollipop. I think it turned out pretty cute! Here's a photo of the final product.

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Wish I had thought of this sooner and would have had time to mail them to people. Ah well, next year. And that gives me time to get a better picture for next Feb! (This Valentine was not my original idea. We received a Valentine's picture/pop years ago, long before Delilah was born. I have wanted to do this ever since and FINALLY got to do it. Chances are, we'll be doing this next year also!)

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