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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Delilah models and some stuff I've sewn

I really have meant to update this blog more often, but like with most things in my life, it's tough to maintain consistency.
As previewed in my last post, here's a shot of the NIN shirt made with freezer paper modelled by my pretty girl.
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((Way cute if I say so myself.))

Perhaps this blog will turn out to be a craft blog after all. Perhaps it will be fun one day to look back on my projects and see a progression in my skills. At least, I can hope they progress! I recently joined a sewing group and will go to my first meeting this week. I would call myself an "advanced beginner" when it comes to sewing. I've made simple things like pillows and bibs, but have stayed away from stuff that scares me, like clothing! But I want to do more.

Lately I have been into sewing toys. I found the Black Apple Doll from Martha Stewart's website and made a few for Delilah. For other novice sewers out there, it's a simple and easy pattern, and very satisfying to make. Also, I ordered some wool felt and have been working on a handsewn felt doll and made a few birdies. I'm planning on making some felt food for Delilah to play with. There are TONS of good ideas for felt food out there.

Here is a pic of one of my attempts at the Black Apple Doll - this is spacedoll (with a skinny pink version in the background). (Make your own by following the pattern here.)

For skinny pink doll, I had just downloaded the pattern, and used scraps and a needle and thread to handsew a doll while visiting my Father-in-law over Thanksgiving. No polyfil was available so I used cotton balls!! Delilah loved the doll and it was a labor of love - but ohhhh it was so much easier to run the pattern through my sewing machine instead of all that handstitching!

As for felt crafting, here is the "bluebird of happiness". I stitched him while watching Boise State win the Fiesta Bowl. GO BRONCOS! I drew a simple birdie on paper, then cut him up as a pattern on wool felt, then handsewed him together in between plays. He's happy because Boise won! Since then he has been joined by a yellowbird friend, but she's been a bit camera shy so just bluebird here today. And a pic of the pattern I drew below.

(And again, please forgive my photography skills. A new camera is on my wishlist, but a new camera means learning how to use it - which takes time I am not ready to commit.)

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