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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Delilah's Art, An Awesome Blog to See, and Spoonflower

I came across the most AWESOME blog yesterday. Filth Wizardry.

This blog is FULL of FANTASTIC projects to work on with preschoolers. There are so many great ideas I can't wait to try with Delilah. The kids in the pictures are having so much fun being creative and they are learning with each project. Just so cool! I had to read every single post. Brill. And a bonus that this awesome Mom also happens to be British (like me) and drinks a lot of tea (like all British people, including me.) There is an adorable video about making crepe paper roses right now with the cutest video. That British accent reminds me of home.....must watch more BBC America.....

Delilah is not quite ready for most of those projects yet. She is just getting into crayons. This is a masterpiece she drew for me that is taped over my desk at work (pic quality not awesome but you get the idea - picture taken on my Blackberry):

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I love love love love it. I am tempted to upload it to Spoonflower and have it printed on some fabric. I am such a Mom! Don't know Spoonflower? --- oh, you gotta check it out. You can easily upload any design and have it custom printed on the fabric you choose. You can even order a swatch first to see how it looks before ordering yards and yards and yards. And -- this is cool -- designers sell their original fabric designs.

TaTa for now. I have lots of projects I need to upload photos to show off. I've been sewing things on my fancy new machine and have some no-sew projects too. Now I've seen the Filth Wizardry blog, I am excited that in the future this won't just be a blog about the stuff I create, it will include projects Delilah and I work on together. That makes me a happy Mommy.

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  1. Just so cool! I had to read many posts about costumes and dressing. But Delilah's Art had thrilled me. Thanks for the post. Please post something about toddler costumes.


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