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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Soft alphabet rag quilt letters

There are SO many talented and crafty bloggers out there who inspire me. I can get lost on the internet for hours checking out all the awesome creative blogs out there. I have started a list here of some of my favorite blogs that give me inspiration to get creative. It's going to continue to be a work in progress as I discover new blogs. I'm looking forward to creating a looooooong list!

(Just a note - many of the projects I have posted, and will post, are created from tutorials and patterns provided by other generous talented bloggers. I will do my very best to give credit every time. If I ever post something and am remiss in giving proper credit, please let me know and I will rectify that right away.) And if you draw inspiration from any of those projects, please be sure to give the original source props!

Here's a project I have been working on following a tutorial from ohsohappytogether. I followed her Rag Quilt Letters tutorial here and have had so much fun making these letters for Delilah. I haven't quite finished all the letters yet but here's a pic of my progress.

I am SUPER proud of these letters! There is a new tutorial for lowercase letters too. I will add that to the long list of projects I really want to do. For now I have just a few more letters left to have a complete alphabet for D to play with. She's a bit young for them now, but so far she has enjoyed tucking them under her chin and making me giggle.

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  1. I followed your link from Happy Together and just wanted to let you know that you did a GREAT job. I loved the fabrics you picked! I'm going to start collecting fabrics to make these myself.


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