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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Simple Skirt, and Applique

I made a skirt for my little girl! And an appliqued shirt to match!

Link to the skirt pattern: Lazy Days Skirt

There is good news and bad news....
BAD NEWS : I don't have a picture because my model hasn't worn it yet.
GOOD NEWS: I made another one - and have pictures of that one! So here is a pic of Delilah modelling skirt and appliqued shirt #2. (Recognize the shirt? I stencilled on a similiar one in a previous post.)

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OK – she’s 1, and way more interested in the letters on the fridge than posing for pictures. Delilah styled up her skirt and shirt with a pair of leggings to keep warm.
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That’s little cupcakes on the skirt, and a little cupcake on her chest

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Mommy I don’t want to get my picture taken!!!>

Despite my uncooperative model, I think you can get the idea.
I'll show you outfit #1 later. It's got lots of cool dots and the applique on the shirt is a circle of the skirt fabric with initial D embroidered in the middle. This pink one has a small cupcake cut from the fabric on the shirt. I think the appliqued circle looks better - you'll see! Skirt #1 has a ribbon hemline, which I didn’t apply to the cupcake skirt. I really like the ribbon hem so I’ll go back to that for the next one.

Seriously, I am so excited and proud of this. Other than the occasional Halloween costume, I have never made any garments before. This skirt was an accomplishment for me. I had never appliqued before either -- another first.

This pattern was SO EASY. Seriously, if you can sew in a straight line, you make this skirt. I swear. I made the second one in half an hour.

I used this easy peasy pattern here: Lazy Days Skirt

To figure the length and elastic width I needed, I measured a skirt we already had. To make a 10 inch long skirt, I cut my fabric 12 inches long. This was so easy to cut - just a snip and a tear and my one long rectangle was ready to sew. For the elastic, I cut a piece 18" wide.

Once the skirt was done, OF COURSE I had to have a top to match. But I really do not feel ready to tackle an actual shirt. I mean, sleeves, yikes. So I decided to applique a plain white shirt and then a pink shirt for the 2nd skirt.

For the applique - I am a rookie with my machine and will have to practice the machine applique options later. So this go through, I embroidered a piece of matching fabric with a D initial. I used a roll of tape as my template, and drew a circle around the D. (I chose a circle because a) simple and b) the fabric design was circles) I laid the fabric on top of a piece of fusible web, and cut around the circle through both the fabric and the web.

With me so far? Next time I do this I will post pictures. Personally I always do better following pictures when I make something.

Anyway, I then placed the fusible web on the middle of the shirt, with the fabric circle over it, and ironed it in place.

I then played with the stitch settings on my sewing machine to choose a nice stitch for around the circle. I decided to use a thread that was more "matchy" to the fabric so that any wonky stitching wouldn't show so well. Next time I might use a contrasting thread like I did for the initial. A quick spin around the circle on the machine and my first ever applique was done! For the cupcake, I cut out a cupcake and a matching piece of fusible web. Ironed it on, took a few stitches around the cupcake, and done!

:::::EDIT::::: Once on her, I thought this skirt was too long. I didn't get it because I followed the measurements of the other skirt that fits great. Well, I realized my mistake. Instead of measuring from the 0 on the measuring tape, I measured from the beginning of the tape, not paying attention. So there is an extra inch. DUH! That's ok - D is growing like a weed and the length will be fine!

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