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Friday, February 19, 2010

Embroidered Bib

Sewing for babies is so much fun!

A co-irker recently became a Grandmother for the first time. She's a lovely person and that little girl will be very spoiled! They picked a very cute name for her and I was thrilled to have time to make something before Granny hopped a plane to meet her for the first time. So I made her this:

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(Still loving my embroidery machine!)

This same new Granny gave me a pillow when Delilah was born with her name embroidered on it, so my guess was she would like this kind of thing.

I made a BUNCH of bibs for Delilah while I was pregnant. Bib making was really satisfying to me. They are made pretty quickly, so gratification is speedy. And the fabric possibilities are endless! This one was made with a light cotton backed with a thicker fleece. When I make bibs I try to make one side a heavier fabric to give the bib some power to absorb the goops that babies drool.

To make, just trace around a bib you have for a pattern. ((I think this might be a tutorial at a later date. But since I really don't have any followers reading me right now, I'll do that later!))

I cut the fabric, and sew together right sides facing with a few inches open at the bottom for turning. Clip seams -- which is VERY important! After turning, iron flat and whipstitch closed, then run it through the sewing machine again to finish. I use iron on velcro which I also handstitch to make sure that stays on there.

If I had more time, I might've made some matching burp cloths. I wanted to give this to her fast so she could take it with her on her flight, so no time.

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