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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meet the Mermaidens!

Meet the Mermaidens!

They were a SPLASH hit at our house. They provide OCEANS of fun. Do you SEA how cute they are?
These cuties are from a pattern featured in this lovely book.

The talented Hilary Lang from Wee Wonderfuls recently released this book and it's full of such lovely pictures and great directions.

However, you don't need the book to make your own Mermaiden. The pattern is free HERE on Martha's website.

I'm no stranger to making dolls. Check out this post and this post. I love making them. I especially love giving them to my gorgeous little girl. But you really don't need any experience at all with doll-making to follow any of these patterns. The instructions are so clearly written. I may have a teeny bit of dollmaking experience, but I am still a rookie. If you have thought about making dolls or toys at all, this book could be a lovely way to jump in. Great directions. Check out the reviews on Amazon - everybody loves it!
So back to the girls.

Mermaiden A here, I made with wool felt. The pattern includes making a ric rac hair flower but I didn't have any ric rac so added a couple flowery buttons I had in my stash. The wool felt makes her nice and soft.

Mermaiden B (I really need better names for them) uses the suggested cord for hair and some scrap cotton for the tail. I also used felt for her body but next time I may switch to flannel for the body. The cord looks a bit dark in this picture. In real life it's a bit more red.

(Note the tan color of the bodies. I figure, when I go to the ocean I come home with a tan. So Mermaids should really have some tan skin too, right?!)

My favorite thing about these Mermaidens? Delilah actually squealed over them. I told her I made them for her and since that day she has picked them up and informed me "Mommy made these." How cool is that?!?! Here's your action shot.

(By the way, fleece footy pajamas look like the most comfortable article of clothing ever made. I really need a set for me.)
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  1. Those are soooo cute! I would squeal too! ;)

  2. Thanks for the link! These are adorable! I especially like the red-head!

  3. These are just adorable! I'll be featuring them on Sunday.

  4. Those are adorable. I saw that book recently at Joanns. Maybe I'll go back and get it with my 50% off coupon.

  5. They are so adorable!!! And she'd hate it that I said this...but even my 10 year old would play with them. :)

    AND we both have footy pj's for winter!! We have family movie night every Sunday and we get in our pj's and watch a movie and eat 'snack' (aka finger foods) foods for dinner. :)

    I think we got the adult ones at Meijer or Target or Kohls last year (I can't remember for sure) but I know for sure they have them online...they're just fun! Can't wait for it to get cold enough to pull out the fleece footies again. :)

  6. So cute! I love it. What a great toy for a toddler.


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