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Monday, October 25, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE!

On Saturday we went to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live! We were excited! Before the show, Delilah got excited as she posed with her DJ Daddy in her Muno dress.

Somehow I had managed to convince my sweet husband that LOTS of parents would be dressed up for the show.

Turns out that wasn't the case.

Delilah LOVED her Muno dress and also LOVED that her Daddy was dressed as DJ Lance! He was slightly less than thrilled to be the only dude dressed up. But, great guy that he is, he got into it. He posed for pictures with people. And was noticed by the real DJ Lance on stage and got high-fived by him. The intermission performers gave him the mike to help yell Yo Gabba Gabba! And today a couple people we know have sent us pics they took of us from their seats in the theater -- because although we didn't see them -- he was pretty hard to miss in his bright orange DJ outfit!!!
Here's the real DJ Lance performing.

We limit Delilah's TV time - but she is crazy about Yo Gabba Gabba. She grabs the remote and asks for it. The live show did NOT disappoint!

Jack McBrayer and Paul Scheer came out to do a knock knock joke and a dancey dance!

And....BIZ! Biz Markie was great. He sat on the stage and had kids beatbox with him. Then he busted out "You say he's just a friend" for the parents to sing along. WAAAAAY COOL!

I will be turning my pictures into a photo book on Shutterfly for Delilah.

Delilah cried to go back to her seat when the show was over. Then we blew her mind by hitting the after party. When she approached the gang to have her picture taken with them, her whole body shook and she had this incredible laugh of joy. Totally awesome! (Those pictures I don't have yet. I'm excited to see them.)

Here she is just hanging out after her photo op.

We HAD to get our picture taken with Biz! My guess is that this after party was A LOT different than the after parties from his former years performing.......

Muno kept flirting with Delilah at the party. I think he liked her dress! So before he left, had to get a family shot with him. I'm not sure what he whispered in hubby's ear....

And she got a little Plex magic robot love.

An exhausted and happy child closed down the after party and slept soundly.

The dress is another simple jumper that buttons down the back (pattern is Madison Jumper by Bonnie Blue Designs) in a red fleece. I embroidered red circles using red thread, and added wool felt to make the eye and mouth. The boombox bag I have posted about before, here. Some people stopped me and where they could buy our bag! It's not for sale. We like it too much!
Thanks for stopping by. YO GABBA GABBA!

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  1. Your husband rocks for sporting the outfit! What a great memory for Delilah! And you got to see BIZ MARKIE!!!!!?????? I'm a wee bit jealous! "Girl, you got what I need, but you say he's just a friend, but you say he's just a friend . . . o baby, you . . ." Okay I'm going to stop embarrassing myself now. ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, how fun! Your baby is darling and your husband is such a sport...what a fun post!
    Thank you very much for answering my question on my blog! It is nice to "meet" you; your blog looks lovely!

  3. It looks like you guys had a fantastic time. I'm taking my little one later this month. Delilah looks so cute in her dress, I may have to borrow your idea and make one for my little one :)


  4. Daddy is a really good sport! Big high five for him! Delilah's dress is adorable! You must have had a fantastic time.

  5. Oh snap, that looked like a really cool party were fun was had by all. Your girl is so adorable, I'm sure she was head over heals that day. And you got to meet Biz Markey too, oh lovely! I saw him at Burger King in NY one time, he's nice :D

  6. It looks like you had a great time. The outfits are so cute. I bet your little one is still talking about it.


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