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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ruby Star Rising Dress and Stinkeye!

Recently I showed you a simple dress I made using the fabulous ruby star rising fabric from Melody Miller. Delilah had to model it for you.

She makes the funniest little faces when I ask her to model for me.
I had grand plans to make a matching hair accessory and bag, but couldn't wait for those for Delilah to wear this dress. Though it was a struggle convincing her to take off her ballet tutu to put this on. She's REALLY into wearing a tutu these days!

It's a little big on her at the moment. But that's ok, because she's growing like a weed so maybe she'll get to wear this more than once!

Isn't she cute? Perhaps never mind on making the matching hair accessory. Delilah INSISTED on wearing this non-matching purple hairbow no matter what.

She was having all kinds of fun running around.

Now here's the pic that makes me feel badly. She woke up at 4am that morning, and wouldn't go back to sleep. I should have known something was wrong. Look how tired the poor dear looks here. Happy, but those are some sleepy eyes.

Despite the early wake-up, I dragged her little booty to music class that morning. And she got sick about a minute after this pic was taken. So I assume her early morning wakeup was due to an upset tummy, poor dear. (All's well though, she was fine after that morning episode and got a long nap.)

A little vent.......

I caught the stinkeye with accompanying whispers from a couple moms at music class while I was taking care of the cleanup. Despite being engrossed in taking care of D and the mess, I STILL noticed their attitude and caught some of what they were saying. What's up with that?! I didn't intentionally bring a sick child to class and I hightailed it out of there immediately.

Class hadn't started yet so D hadn't handled any instruments. She had no fever, and until the moment she blew chunks, appeared happy and was running around playing. Perhaps I should have known something was up, but I really had no idea I would be facing vomit in a public place later. Um, compassion fellow moms?

A little background......Actually I've met some nice moms at this music class, but also have gotten some negative reaction from some moms when I disclose I am a working mom. In our suburb, being a stay at home mom appears to be the norm. That's cool, yo. But it means I get sympathizing judgment and comments about working - "Oh, you work? Well that's ok. If you have to." - real quote accompanied by arm pat. I respect those who SAH, it's too bad so many people can't be respectful of people who make different choices. It doesn't bug me so much, I choose not to judge their lifestyle choices and I don't care how they judge mine.

But this attitude about my sick kid did irritate me.

Anyway, how about I sit right next to one of the stinkeye ladies at the next music class? And maybe say something like "Hmmm, it smells funny in here, like vomit or something!!" And talk about my career. Hehe.

Or perhaps I will take the high road and focus on the moms that are actually COOL in the class. Decisions, decisions.

Ordinarily if I caught someone being nasty (and their comments sounded nasty) I would call someone on it. But at the time, my child was my focus not those catty women. I should (and probably will) just let this go. They don't matter.

But every once in a while, cattiness just really gets to me. Since I was a girl in school I have always had a special dislike for catty people (not just women!). I have always been the type to be as direct as possible, and to not put up with or be friendly with mean chicks. In school I was the type to stick up for those being picked on. Gosh, I think I still am that type. I suppose there were enough mean girls in school that we are bound to encounter mean moms too. They suck.

So anyway, do I even have a point? I lost it somewhere. Oh yeah, mean girls suck. And its extra super lame to be mean to someone when they can't have a go at you back (like when your kid is puking on you.)

Ah, anyway, not my usual kind of post talking about all this. Thanks for stopping by and be nice to someone today!



  1. If there is one thing I've learned about parenting, it's don't judge lest ye be judged. My kid has puked TWICE in the same Chik-fil-A, with absolutely no prior warning. I like your first option for the next class, and sorry you got puked on!

  2. That dress is cute... don't panic about the being sick - kids do that, with no warning what-so-ever. There is no way you could have known. As a teacher, I have dealt with it A LOT!!!!

    Those catty Mums aren't worth your time. I only just discovered your blog (I read through all the back posts yesterday whilst I am off sick) and you are an amazing Mum. If they can't see it, stuff em.

  3. I agree with vww about the caddy moms. They aren't worth the time or aggravation. Sadly they give the rest of us SAHM's a bad image. I'm a firm believer in you do what's best for you and your family and that's all there is too it. Also, mom's should always stick together and help each other so shame on them for not helping you with D and the mess. Shame. On.Them.

    On another note, the dress is super cute! And yeah, she'll be in it before you can blink your eyes three times. Kids are like weeds!!!! Weeds!


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