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Monday, January 24, 2011

Camo Dress Progress And What The Cool Kids Are Wearing

Well, I got started on the camo dress.

All laid out and ready to cut. This is my muslin of the Socialite Dress pattern, sewn up in camo. (I am using camo as my muslin instead of my planned Amy Butler Temple Doors fabric)

I've actually made a little progress, but nothing cool I can really show you yet. I am a bit concerned that I may have cut the top too small. But I suppose this is why we sew a muslin, right?! It's just the more and more I look at my camo dress project, the less muslin-ish it is to me and the more oooooh-I-hope-it-works it gets!

Camo appears to be what the cool kids are wearing. Check it out.

Here, some famous British chick I don't know, wore that Balmain sequined camo dress on a red carpet. I like it better with the jacket but I still don't think sequins go with camo.

Another Balmain fan, Beyonce. I read that the military jacket cost $4700! And the camo pants about $1600! Holy cow!

Apparently Beyonce has had an eye for a camo for a while, this pic below was from 2007!

Um, this next pic is really not the kind of camo garment I think I could or would try to pull off. Although I do think it would garner some attention. Hey, do you think that's what Paris was going for? Attention? You know she hates attention!

Rihanna is a bit more subdued in her camo.

Oh Jessica Simpson rocks the camo too. And she's recently engaged. I should email her and suggest a camo wedding dress. Seriously, in my googling for camo garments I came across a ton of redneck wedding attire.

And here's Kim Kardashian in another Balmain creation. Would someone remind me why she's famous again, please?

I just think this pic of Katy Perry is totally cute. And she has great legs.

More tight camo pants on Mary J Blige. Perfectly accessorized of course, diva.

When I first saw this pic at first glance I thought it was Lindsay Lohan. Perhaps trying to blend in camo as she strolls into rehab....again. But it's Miley. Hmmmmm. Scary that I got those two confused. SAVE MILEY!

There are a bunch of pics of famous dudes wearing camo also, but they are a bit boring in my opinion.

What I discovered here, is that it seems a little camo can go a LONG way. Too much is just.....too much. A camo piece with the right accessories can look super classy. But the wrong garment and styling and it's redneck city. This concerns me because although I LOVE ACCESSORIES, I am pretty awful at putting them together. I have a bunch of pretty necklaces that I can never figure out how to wear. Le sigh. And a camo dress *might* be overkill. Ah well, if it's not wearable, perhaps I can make a little camo bag from it!

SO I guess this post today was a fashion show. I'll have to make sure my next post shows a bit more......creativity! I'm up for it! Please come back!

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