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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Delilah's New Jacket AND Her Fabric Obsession

Delilah has a new fancy jacket and a love of fabric!

First, check out Delilah's new Sunday Brunch Jacket (pattern by Oliver and S)

The fabric is lovely and soft, Paisley Corduroy in Autumn Nest by Valori Wells (purchased from Whipstitch Fabrics). I just love it. I want to make a skirt or pants to match, but I think using the same fabric will just be too much. So I must find a nice solid that coordinates I think. Hmmmmm. Any suggestions?

It took me far too long to choose these wooden buttons! Do you guys agonize over buttons like I do?

This jacket was SO much easier to make than I thought it would be! Seriously, the instructions are so clear and the result so polished looking. I am dead chuffed! I just think it will look great on Delilah. I'll post pics of her wearing it when I can.

Now, I actually had another project in mind before starting the jacket, and got out a lovely piece of voile fabric (Paisley Jungle by Kaffe Fassett, purchased from Intown Quilters). I pressed it and prepared to lay out my pattern pieces to make Delilah a nice light tunic top for Spring.

Delilah had other ideas. She swiped it!

She did agree it would look cute on her.

Perhaps as a Sari?

Perhaps more stylish as a top?

She wore it as an OBI belt for a little while.

In the end, she just kept the fabric.

It found a new home in her room. At bedtime she might grab it and run around the room with it flowing behind her. Or we'll each take the corners and flap it up and down as she giggles. She says it's HER fabric, and I must say, I think the kid has taste.

So, my kid likes fabric. Just like her Momma! Although I think it would make a cute top for her, I really like that she decided to just claim some fabric for her own.

Thanks for stopping by!

(Progress on my camo dress is forthcoming!)

Later skater,



I am aware that pictures of my toddler aren't as charming to other people as they are to me. But hey, it's MY blog after all, and I want to show off her cuteness!

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  1. Love the finished product! (saw it in process at the AMSG mtg on Saturday) And your toddler is such a doll :)

  2. Love the jacket! I am so glad to hear it wasn't too difficult. I have that pattern but have been putting it off bc I've never made a coat before.

  3. I love how many tutorials you have! I will have fun looking around :). Very cute jacket and your toddler is quite charming!

  4. Ok, so I started out at SYTYC website and saw your Rucy Star Rising dress (thanks for the info on Whipstitch Fabrics!) and the next photo I picked was this jacket - again to see it linked back to you. I'm seeing a theme here! Love your choice of fabrics & outfits and can't wait to take a short drive to Marietta street. And Delilah is cute - it is your blog and you're entitled! I've enjoyed the time I've spent here and will be back.

  5. Seriously adorable (the jacket AND your little one!)
    The jacket is stunning!

  6. Love the coat - I've never tried one of their patterns, but I may just have to! I saw your link on MBYM on Skip to my Lou!

  7. So so cute great fabric.

  8. That coat is super-cute. I, too, love fabric. However, I just made my daughter a sweater dress from an old sweater of my mom's. You've got to try it out. The tutorial is at www.naptimecrafters.blogspot.com. I saw your link a Delicious Ambiguity. Plus, I'm your newest follower, come be mine, too:)



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