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Monday, December 6, 2010

Top From Sew Liberated Book

Hello friends! I am working on a tutorial for you - just need to get my little template scanned and uploaded. In the meantime, let me show you a little something I just sewed up for Delilah and the pattern/book it came from!

My cooperative little model even struck a pose for me! Right before bedtime too!
(Fabric is by Kokka - and now I see the the LUCKY word upside down, but the PEACE word is right side up. I think perhaps I should have made the LUCKY word right side up instead - it seems more noticeable. Hmmm...the back is the same as the front, so perhaps I'll turn it around and see the placement there. It's still oriented that way but perhaps the PEACE will be more centered than LUCKY - ah well!)

This hippy little peasant top was SO fast to sew up. I finished it and couldn't wait to see how it fit Delilah so put it on right away. Next time she wears it probably won't be with her fleecy cupcake pajama bottoms.

The pattern is from this book:
Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee.

(wow, bad flash from my camera on the book)

My fabulous husband bought me this book from Whipstitch Fabrics (he knows I love that store) for Hanukkah. What a good boy!

Ok, one more picture of her gorgeousness...

This top pattern actually is included in sizes for Mom AND daughter. Is it bad I am tempted to be all matchy matchy with my kid?!?! I really like the gathered detail on the arm. It was SO easy and fast to make. It gets me excited to try other patterns from the book - like the bags or the cover skirt.

Thanks for stopping by, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Edit: I made the Small, which was listed as size 2-3, with the description saying they fit large to be grown into. This was apparently an errata and the Medium is actually 2-3. So this wasn't a very big shirt. Next time I'll make the Medium!


Texas Monkeymake it wear it


  1. Super cute peasant top! I wouldn't worry about the "Lucky". I wouldn't have noticed if you wouldn't have said anything. What a sweet Hubby you have to buy you that book. I don't think my Hubby knows spool from bobbin. HA!

  2. So cute!! I always wished I would have a girl or even my sister so I could sew cute things. Nope - we both had only sons. Darn it! Thanks for sharing! New follower, btw!

  3. Lovely !! What a lucky you for having such a good husband (my husband never buy me anything sounds "craft supplies" *sigh)

    I'm curious about the "Sew liberated" book
    Does it provide some real stylish projects?
    Will you recommend the book ?

  4. Hi, Im in your daughters music class with my daughter and baby boy. I talked to your hubby yesterday about the dress she was wearing for your team. I love it and would love to make one myself. Do you share patterns?



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