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Friday, December 10, 2010

Cat In The Hat Dress

I like to make dresses for you!
I like to make them in the zoo!
I like to take your picture too!
I like to sew, oh yes I do!

OK - so that wasn't great, but who can compare to the amazing Dr Seuss?!?!
Delilah is a fan:

Delilah is decked out in a dress (pattern Madison by Bonnie Blue Designs) made with love by her Momma (ahem, me) from whimsical Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat print from Robert Kaufman.

Totally cute, right?!

I think the simple dress pattern without any other embellishment shows off the fabric, but doesn't overpower the kid wearing it.

When I first saw the Dr Seuss fabric was coming, I preordered some, not knowing WHAT to do with it. Then I received an invitation to a Dr Seuss art exhibit at a local gallery! PERFECT!

Our little lady struck a pose at the entrance to the gallery. Classy!

Delilah was a big hit at the gallery, of course! She was very well behaved in a bouncy two year old sort of way, and she was noticed for the dress, but adored for her cuteness. (Where this kid got those luscious eyelashes I have no idea.) The art, by the way was AMAZING. Dr Seuss, Theodor Geisel, was one talented dude.

We managed to choose a small Dr Seuss print to purchase and bring home. Gosh we did feel important buying ART from a GALLERY! Like grownup people! All that fanciness was a lot for us, so we departed the gallery in our finery and went out for burgers and fries.

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  1. Man, I am bummed I did not know about the Dr. Seuss event. The dress is lovely!

  2. This dress is wonderful! You did a great job.


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