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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Works In Progress Peek A Boo!

Hello there! Have a peek at projects I am working on!

Sorry I don't post much. Actually, I'm not sorry, really. Life is busy and GOOD and doesn't leave me much time for blogging, and I'm not sorry about that. I'm a Mom! A wife! An employee! All things to be grateful for!

So anyway, here's a peek at something I am working on for my favorite person on the planet. Check out this snap of a work-in-progress toddler
musicbox dress, from the pattern by the always terrific Oliver and S.

Just a teaser - I'm looking forward to sharing this dress ON my little model in all her glory when it's finished.

Liberty of London fabric purchased from the lovely shop Purl Soho. It's such a lovely soft cotton. Liberty fans know it is spendy stuff, so to do this dress justice I feel like I MUST use very nice buttons to finish it right. Alas, I just haven't found the right buttons yet so this dress is unfinished. I think it will be lovely for the Spring (I made a 3T so it's a little big for D now anyway) but if I get it finished I might be tempted to layer it over a warm top and leggings so Delilah can go ahead and wear it now!

What else?

Here's a peek at a project in progress:

Not telling you what it is.


Take care,

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  1. Beautiful fabric! I'm so curious about that second picture. Is it a quilt? A dress? A pillow? The possibilities are endless!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today. Comments make my day.


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