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Monday, September 13, 2010

Front Yard Cemetery Decorations

It's almost HALLOWEEN!
Oh yeah!
Which means it's time for a spooky neighborhood cemetery in our yard. Each year we add to our decor and it gets spookier and spookier. Here are some pics from last year.

(The men in our cul-de-sac all have their own headstone. Al is a neighbor, Larry is my husband, and our friends get a good chuckle out of his.)

That back headstone for our other neighbor reads "Here lies MR POOLE - fell off a stool, now HE'S A GHOUL"

These headstones are the cheap foam ones you can buy at your local drugstore for a few bucks a piece. I simply turned some around and painted on the backs with white acrylic paint. They have held up remarkably well to the elements and the weathering effect makes it just creepier! This year I may add some of the neighborhood ladies to the cemetery - I just have to work out some rhymes.
There are also bright orange twinkle lights wrapped around our trees and throughout our bushes. Bring on the trick or treaters!
Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. HaHa these are great! I love it. It would be perfect for linking up to our Fall Decorations link up party, would love to have you join in!


  2. Again, I love this! It's so spooky and FAB, thank you for linking up with All About You Monday. I hope you come back next week where the theme is all about ribbon but any fun project, craft, recipe, etc is welcomed! So glad I found your blog!

  3. So much fun! We're wondering how many of our tombstones will go missing this year, silly neighbors!

  4. Spooky to be sure! I love Halloween! La

  5. I wonder if my HOA would allow this...

  6. Spooky Decor! Love it!
    I just gave you the one lovely blog award.
    Check it out Here:

  7. Whoa - that's awesome!

    I love the people who do yard graveyards, they're always so funny and cute!


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