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Friday, September 24, 2010

Enclosed Ribbon Hem

Before I say anything - let me just say I am floating on air this morning. In a fabulous mood. Giddy with excitement.

What is giving me this joy?

EDITED: Delilah hit a toddler milestone, that we high fived over all morning. And I wrote a funny little bloggy bit about it. But have reconsidered that bit of detail. I have to remember that anything written on the internet is there for forever. And twelve year old Delilah might not be all that thrilled at me writing about two year old Delilah's milestones. So, moms of toddlers out there, just think about the joy you have when you kid hits a milestone, and that's me, today. Over the moon at my little miracle's accomplishments. The kind of thing only another parent could truly appreciate. And to future older Delilah - I love you kid. This was a good morning!

So - now that you (edit) DON'T have your dose of TMI - let's talk sewing.

Here is pictures of some simple cropped summer capri pants I made for Delilah, using a technique I learned from childrens clothing pattern designer Oliver and S for an enclosed ribbon hem.

We were having fun in the shade of our driveway blowing bubbles. What you can't see in this picture is that Delilah and I wore matching Foofa shirts that day. We looked pretty silly but this kid was delighted that Mommy matched. Unfortunately, my pants weren't as cute.

Using a ribbon to finish a hem is ridiculously easy. The result is nice and clean on the inside, and is as cute as you want on the outside. These pants were actually from a pattern I had for simple shorts I just lengthened the pattern to make pants, and added a wide dotted ribbon. Nice and light and airy in seersucker for the hot Atlanta summer, and still protecting her skin from sun and bugs. (The pattern was purchased on Etsy from this seller, and is just one pattern piece and SO easy.)

(If you want to try a ribbon encased hem, the technique is explained in this FREE simple skirt tutorial on the Oliver and S blog.) I would show you, but honestly the directions are really that good on their own!

Speaking of Oliver and S, one of my favorite FlickR groups is the Oliver and S patterns group. Let me just say, their patterns are awesome. The instructions are SO clear. If you have been hesitant to sew using a pattern, these are the way to go. I think patterns can be intimidating to many talented but inexperienced sewists. But I really think O & S brings them within reach.

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. I can imagine Delilah's milestone and congratulations, she's getting to be such a big girl now. How adorable are those pants with the ribbon bottom (almost as cute as she is). You must be an experienced seamstress if you had the nerve to make long pants out of short pattern - but the pants came out nice so great job!


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