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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Won a GiveAway - Behind Stitching My Sampler.

Oh My Gosh! I won a giveaway! How awesome are these candy apple charms?!?!:

They're from the GUURRRL blog. FULL of goodness! She is a boutique sewer for Oliver and S (Childrens clothing pattern designer I am in love with.) and is WAY talented! So many adorable things in her Etsy shop. Looks like she has giveaways pretty often so click on over and enter. I'm bookmarking her crayon roll tutorial and adding it to my project list!

In other news - I am behind on the Stitchalong. Hopefully I can catch up and be on track to finish this week.

Here is the sampler so far.

You can see I started to stitch the Y and stopped to take the picture. Last night I abandoned the Y and decided to stitch the X. I couldn't think of anything really interesting to do with X that I could pull off.

With all this stitching lately, I had decided it was time to step away from the sewing machine and try crafting without needle and thread. Then this weekend, one of my lovely neighbors brought me a big bag FULL of old children's patterns.

See my helper carrying the bag? It's full of patterns. I picked out a couple and it would be rude not to use them, right?! Just being a good neighbor! (And yeah, that's a Popover Dress Delilah is wearing.)

Later Skaters!



  1. I'm loving your stichalong sampler....I'm currently ooohing and ahhhhing over the, "M"! Thank you so much for the shout out and entering the giveaway. I hope that you love the goodies headed your way! :D

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  3. Thank you for taking part in the Craft Hope project making bean bags for kids in Liberia!
    Beth at LOEP

  4. Wooohoooo...you won a giveaway! Always such a lovely surprise, isn't it? Your sampler is coming along beautifully...I'm behind too (have been the whole time LOL). You have completed some lovely blocks!

  5. I tweeted a link http://twitter.com/guurrrl/status/12118506353 I'm so glad that you liked your package. :D I think I have just as much fun packaging as I do making. Have a great day!


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