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Monday, May 24, 2010

Embroidery Madness

Embroidery madness at Janimal's house!

Last weekend, I had some organizing and rearranging to do in my sewing/craft room. When I am in that room, I want to be creating -- not working! Thanks to my embroidery machine, I got to do both at once! It whirrs away stitching while I putter about.

First up -- I made a little tote bag for a little girl who is about to turn 3 years old. (This tote is actually about 11 inchs wide - small!)

Now I just have to figure out what to put inside the bag for her gift! This tote bag follows the construction of THIS TUTE on Sew Mama Sew, just with smaller dimensions and no pocket. I also didn't sew a seam at the bottom and instead folded the fabric at the bottom so the fold is in place of the seam. My dimensions for this was to cut the main piece 12' x 22', and the straps were 3' x 18'. Hope she likes it. BUT WHAT DO I PUT IN IT? I don't know what 3 year old girls like! Help me!

Next up are some cloth napkins.

Stars n Stripes and the Union Jack. The first pair of a set. (Embroidery design by Urban Threads)

I'm a Brit living in America. I love America. Love it dearly. But I'm still a Brit. I explain my love for my countries like this. Let's say you have a baby. You adore this baby. They are a part of you in every way. Then you get pregnant. It's hard to imagine that you will ever love another baby the way you loved that first one. But the second baby comes and you love that baby too. You adore the baby. Loving the new baby doesn't in any way affect your love of the 1st baby. You happily discover there is room in your heart to love them both.
That's how I feel about my countries. I love them both.

But I digress.....I like to call these embroidered kitchen towels my "Who burned dinner? Not me!" towels.

I added embroidered names to some towels and washcloths. Not fancy and I didn't photograph the boring towels to show you, but I did add this little guy to a washcloth that I think is cute.

What a friendly alien robot! (Design from Urban Threads)
In other news we took Delilah to her first swim lesson on Sunday. (Her name on her towel, of course!) I consider it a success because she didn't cry nor poop in the pool. And I didn't either!
Later skaters,
I really do need suggestions about what to put in the bag as a 3 year old girl's birthday gift. Help please!!


  1. so cute! I want an embroidery machine!!

  2. For a 3 year old girl I'd put a bottle of bubble blow, some small stuff animal, glittery barrettes for her hair, an umbrella and/or a shirt or anything with lady bugs....okay, that's all I got. I absolutely love what you're able to do with that embrodiery machine! Wow!


  3. Cute tote! Depending on how much money you want to spend, you could embroider a pool towel to go in the bag, and make it a beach bag. Stickers are always good, or you could add beach toys, a sand bucket, shovel, beach ball, etc. I bet you could find something at the dollar store.


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