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Friday, January 10, 2014

Mama Needs Marc Jacobs

Some time ago I wrote about making a simple cotton shift from some Marc Jacobs fabric purchased at Mood.

I wore this dress A LOT this Summer. 
The thing is, I first purchased this print in grey, then called Mood and asked them for all the other colors.  The grey print is my favorite and I just reeeeally want to make something awesome with it. 
So I looked around a bit and found how Marc Jacobs used the print.  Check out this ensemble!

Oooooh.  I had originally thought a shirt dress so I am dead chuffed that MJ and I both thought "shirt" with this print.  Great minds think alike eh?  I have no idea what the retail price on this is, but given MJ prices I've seen for other garments, a couple thou?  Yikes! 
But I don't think I can pull that look off.  But pants, hmmmm, pants.....
Here are some more garments from the Marc Jacobs 2012 Cruise collection:

Gosh, I have this print too!  Only in cotton, no shiny stuff.  But ummmm yeeeeah!

This one looks like the print I used.  This version has pockets and back zip - but retail price is $1k.  And sold out!
I also found the dress below.  I think this one was on sale, you know, it being a 2012 collection, but the sale price was about $600.

So now I just HAVE to figure out what to do with my lovely Marc Jacobs fabric.  I paid $14-$18 a yard for it.  What a deal!
Stay tuned....

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