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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ROBOT Nursery

I am so happy to share our robot nursery today!

There are a few finshing touches to add, but it's mostly done and ready for our new little man arrival! It was SO much fun finding robot decor.

Here is the view from the door.

The furniture is actually a stained dark brown. In these photos the pieces look almost black, but they aren't! I'm just not good with photography! Also, the walls are a lovely pale blue, which doesn't show well in my photos either.

On top of the dresser are some robot toys for Shane to play with 2 soft toys, and a stacking robot toy (all from Amazon.com). There is also a clock and a teeny little robot model our nephew made for the baby (awww). But my favorite piece is the lamp.

Lamp purchased from Amazon.com. I think it's super cool!

Didja check out the curtains?! Made them myself using fabulous I Heart fabric by Rashida Coleman-Jones for Timeless Treasures. (I still need to hem them though!) I also made a matching soft ottoman from the tutorial over at Living With Punks.

You've seen this fabric before! Remember I made a fabric bin with it! It's in the nursery now, holding some toys.

Moving around the room, every nursery needs a comfy glider. There is a matching ottoman, but for some reason we didn't put it in there yet. Huh. It's hard to see the detail, but there is a pretty cool robot quilt over the back of the chair.

Sorry about the glare on this photo, but here is the changing table, with some robot sticker decals above. I LOVE these decals. (from Amazon.com) They are bright and colorful, and you can move the parts around and make the robots look however you like! They seem to stick well and yet remove easily too. Also on the table is a small fabric bin (fabulous Kokka robot fabric) that I made to keep diapers and wipes handy, a little robot bucket for diaper cream and other necessities, and there are two nightlights. I really like how the large robot nightlight has a heart.

Moving around the room again, here's the crib.

The whole robot idea actually started with the three robot models on the left side shelf. My husband got them as gifts and they were on a shelf in the basement. They are pretty much the only robots in the room that aren't appropriate to play with! You can see our video monitor camera, and next to it a solid red robot - which is actually stacked measuring cups for the kitchen! Fun for a little one to play with.
The 4 robots on the bottom are made from wood. The 2 smaller ones are poseable! They look smaller in this pic to me as they are in real life.

The wood robots, kitchen cup robot, AND the robot nightlight, bucket, and clock in the room all came from http://www.tintoyarcade.com/. I stumbled upon their site with a Google search, and imagine my delight in finding out they are a local company. I was THRILLED with my purchases!

And here is a shot of the art above the crib. I fell in love with the I Heart fabric I used in the room, and decided the robots on the fabric would be good on the walls too. So I bought some canvases, and some paints, and did my best to duplicate them. They are somewhat imperfect, but if you don't look too closely, I think they're ok! Of course they are hung pretty high from the crib, safe from little hands.

So there you have it! The robot nursery! I still need to hang a window shade, hem the curtains, and add some other details. We bought a a robot 3D pic from a local artist that has a voice bubble from the robot that is a dry erase board!

Thanks for stopping by. It was fun to put this room together and it was fun to show it off. And soon it will be fun to bring home it's occupant!

Later Skater,



I have a tutorial in the works for the curtains!


  1. Saw your link on the bump- you did such a great job! Way to go!

  2. I also saw your link on the bump. Love the robot theme. :)

  3. I am so excited for you Jan,I hope all goes well and can't wait to meet the little man!

    PS Claire had a girl!

  4. What a stunning nursery!
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