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Friday, June 3, 2011

O&S Sunhat

Long time no blog!

I got back in front of my sewing machine earlier this week and made my sweet girl a nice sunhat to wear for the Summer. I know I'm biased, but I think she looks adorable in it.

This was my first project from the Oliver & S book, Little Things To Sew.

The hat is designed to be reversible, but for my first version I chose to make both sides with the same pink polka dot fabric.

I did make one change with the instructions. The final step has the inner cap sewn on my hand all the way around using a blindstitch. I ended up machine stitching most of it and blindstitched just the turning opening. It looks perfect to me and I will probably do the same with my future versions of this hat.

She appeared to be pretty happy with it.

Won't it be fun to have hats to match her little outfits! I better get to sewing!

Thanks for stopping by. I have some plans of things to sew so hopefully my next blog post won't take so long.

Later skaters,



  1. I just cut this out last night, will be my first project from LTTS too. Congratulations by the way! :o)

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