I'm Janimal, happily gainfully employed Momma to a sweet girl. Livin' it up in Atlanta with a great husband and a good job. Sometimes I make stuff and here's my spot to show it off! Life is good, so I'm sharing....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Blogger.....

I work, I play, I eat. Not necessarily in that order.

Yo, I'm Janimal. Momma to a sweet little girl named Delilah. Employee to an awesome company in the HR Dept. Welcome to my little corner of the internet world. I thought about creating a blog about being a working mom, or about crafting, or one about cooking. But I just can't separate all the parts of my life so well. So here it is, my mishmosh blog. Check back in for my ramblings on motherhood, my attempts at creativity, and whatever I can manage to publish that will amuse you but be appropriate enough for coworkers to see!

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