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Monday, March 17, 2014

Princess Anna's Coronation Dress

I FINALLY finished Delilah's Princess Anna dress!

Check out my lovely princess.

Delilah loved this dress, worn by Princess Anna of Arrendale in the movie "Frozen" for her sister's coronation as Queen.  Unfortunately, it was NOT for sale in the Disney store.  So I decided to sew it.  Here's a shot from the movie of Princess Anna wearing the dress.

Given that my princess is growing like a weed, I decided I wanted to make this dress with room to alter it as she grows.  That added a new level of difficulty to the project.  I also had NO PATTERN. 

So yeah, this project may have given me an extra grey hair or two. 
But check out this smile.

My girl was happy.  Very happy.  And that makes me happy.

D wore this dress at Disneyworld, and got quite a bit of attention.  (And I had a few offers to make them for other kids.  That's flattering, but I prefer to sew for my own kids)  Princess Belle told her she was the most authentic Anna she had seen.

This dress has a 4' hem, with extra fabric in the seams and straps so I can let it out for wear later.  All the fabric is cotton, which was so my daughter could wear in the Florida heat of DisneyWorld.

Disney is now selling a version of this dress, but I *think* only inside Epcot.  I am guessing it will be available to the masses soon. 

I have a gazillion photos.  Coming up I'm planning on posting some info on how I made this dress, in case any other intrepid sewists out there are interested, and I'll post more pics.  Stay tuned!